AutoDESA: Serving the Common Interests of Members

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Automotive Data Exchange Standards Australia

Serving the Common Interests of Participants in the Automotive Value Chain

  • Vehicle manufacturers and importers, management system suppliers and other automotive participants
  • Joint development of programs to benefit members
  • Australian-focussed data interface standards
  • Streamlined development procedures
  • Providing a valuable forum for networking and the exchange of ideas
AutoDESA has a well structured technical process, set of procedures and documents for interfaces that have been commended by users.

followingOur Goal

The goal of AutoDESA is to

  • Promote efficiencies within the community of automotive manufacturers, importers, dealers and all other participants in the automotive value chain
  • Develop programs of mutual benefit to members
  • Provide a forum for the sharing of ideas

AutoDESA members benefit from using our well structured set of procedures, technical process and documents for development of interfaces; and from attending discussion forums on a variety of topics.

Retail Parts Activity Schema Project

Details of our new AutoDESA Parts Activity and Parts Invoice schema are available only to Financial Members

Membership brings rewards!