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Summary of AutoDESA Resources

Looking for a more efficient way to develop a new Interface? Below is a summary of the AutoDESA interface development procedure and resouces available to members ...

Membership of AutoDESA brings rewards!

The goal of AutoDESA is to promote efficiencies within the automotive community (manufacturers, importers, dealers and all others in the automotive value chain.) This is achieved through the development and use of common standards for data interchange between IT systems.

The benefits AutoDESA members experience include:

  • the sharing of knowledge and techniques with others
  • reduced development and support costs
  • shortened development times

The Process

AutoDESA has a well structured technical process, set of procedures and documents for the development of interfaces, using either the preferred STAR XML standard, or if that is not suitable adoption of a STAR DTS standard. Guidelines to help you decide are included in our documentation.

Suggested Guide for Exploring our Website

If you are not registered on our site, please identify yourself by accessing the 'Register' button above to give you access to documents available to 'registered members'. (There also is an 'unsubscribe' facility). Some financial members have provided technical documents which are shared only with financial members - more information is at "Access to Info", or ask the Secretary).

  1. Examine interfaces 'In Use' by AutoDESA members that may be suitable to adapt for your use. See left menu panel ''In Use Interfaces" (and Schema Version Control below at 5.4.)
  2. Search for an existing (USA) STAR standard, or perhaps one that may be amended to suit Australian requirements. More about STAR...
  3. Identify a member to be a potential 'partner' in a joint development - a great way to save time and resources. Perhaps start with the members' "Wish List" of interfaces. More...

Read about AutoDESA Technical Procedures

  1. Start with a PPT on the documentation
  2. AutoDESA Technical Procedures document - guidelines for creation & amendment of schema
  3. AutoDESA Implementation Guidelines - a template for use during the creation & amendment of a generic "AutoDESA Implementation Guideline" document.
  4. See Power Point Presentation on SCHEMA VERSION CONTROL - an important aspect of the process that is often overlooked
  5. AutoDESA members may access informative STAR Website Tutorials, including some excellent time saving tools.

More information?

Please contact the Secretary